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Ordering of digital copies and prints are done by using the Cart in the Gallery.

After payment is received the photos will be available for download under Client Galleries. Ordered prints will be sent to the adress given when ordering.

N.B. If the digital copies are to be used for commercial publication the following text must always be added:
Foto Jan Håkansen

In few other cases there can be demands for further additional copyright-notes.


Digital copies of archive photos

Single copies € 54,00 per copy

Download subscription for all existing and coming photos in the archive:
  1 month   € 108,00
  3 month   € 268,00
  6 month   €472,00
12 month   € 908,00


N.B. On all commercial publication it is demanded to add the following in connection with the photo:        Photo Jan Håkansen

Ordering of digital copies or download subscription are done by using the Cart in the Gallery.



Print of archive photos

10x15 cm.   €  0,70 per copy.
21x30 cm.   €  4,70 per copy

+ packing and postage according to tariff. The amount will be shown when ordering

Ordering of prints are done by using the Cart in the Gallery.


Specific photo tasks

Price pr. hour weekdays 08.00 - 18.00
€ 65,00 per started hour, minimum 3 hours.

Price per hour remaining times
€ 100,00 per started hour, minimum 3 hours.

Driving expenses € 0,50 per km., minimum € 5,00 (calculated from Copenhagen and return).

Hourly price is calculated from start to end of the phototask and includes the ready making of the material for use.

The price is valid for onetime reproduction, and delivered material can be used without restrictions.












Ordering a photo task

 Do you wish to order a photo  task, or do you have any  questions please send me an  e-mail including your name,  phone number and time when  you can be reached, I will  then give you a call ASAP.

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